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New Heat Seals
Now with Manual Assembly

If you have been wanting to use Heat Seals but did not want to invest in a conveyor or software system, Liberty now offers our Manual Assembly Heat Seals.

Simply assemble the order using the Customers Last Name and Last four digits of their phone number. No scanning required.

The barcode still lets you utilze all the benifts of writing orders by scanning the order at check in.

This feature is available now with Touch Control v5.
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Essential Tools

Delivery Routes - Including iRouteControl Mobile App     Billiing - Including Routes, Hotels and Commercial Accounts   Help grow your busines by staying in contact with your customers

Inventory Control & Heat Seals     Hosted Cloud Services   Credit Card Processing - PCI Compliant

Touch Control 5

Does It All.

Touch Control is simply the best system you can use in your store. It is designed to be quick and simple to use for your counter help yet powerful enough to handle everything your growing business needs. Whether you have one store or multiple locations, we can design a system to fit your needs.